Kuaihong Provides Home Storage & Organization Products at Wholesale Price with OEM&ODM Service, Since 1997.

Kuaihong Provides Home Storage & Organization Products at Wholesale Price with OEM&ODM Service, Since 1997.

Unveiling Plastic Injection Molding: Common Issues and Smart Solutions


In the realm of plastic injection molding, mastering solutions to common issues is crucial for ensuring a smooth production process. Let's delve into some common problems that may arise during plastic injection molding and explore smart solutions to enhance the efficiency of your production.

1. Poor Plastic Material Quality:

Issue: Subpar quality of plastic material can lead to defects in the final product.

Solution: Regularly inspect and test raw materials to ensure they meet quality standards. Choose reliable suppliers to guarantee a stable supply of high-quality raw materials.

2. Bubbles and Short Shots:

Issue: The occurrence of bubbles or short shots during the injection molding process can affect product appearance and performance.

Solution: Adjust injection speed and pressure to ensure proper cavity filling. Inspect mold channels to ensure unobstructed flow.

3. Mold Wear and Sticking:

Issue: Over time, molds may experience wear or sticking issues.

Solution: Perform regular maintenance and cleaning of molds, and promptly replace worn components. Utilize wear-resistant materials and lubricants to reduce friction and extend mold life.

4. Product Deformation:

Issue: Products may exhibit deformation or inaccurate dimensions.

Solution: Optimize the cooling system to ensure proper plastic cooling within the mold. Adjust injection molding process parameters to prevent shrinkage and deformation.

5. Temperature Control Issues:

Issue: Unstable temperature control during injection molding can impact product quality.

Solution: Regularly inspect and calibrate temperature control equipment. Optimize the cooling system for a stable temperature distribution.

6. Warping and Cracking:

Issue: Finished products may experience warping or cracking, affecting appearance and strength.

Solution: Adjust mold temperature and cooling time to avoid issues caused by thermal stress. Use appropriate cooling systems to reduce product temperature.

7. Flash and Contaminants:

Issue: Flash or contaminants may appear on the surface of injection-molded products.

Solution: Optimize mold design to prevent flash formation. Regularly clean and maintain molds to prevent contaminants.

8. Short Shots and Blockages:

Issue: Short shots or blockages may occur in the injection molding machine.

Solution: Regularly check machine filters to prevent contaminants. Adjust injection molding process parameters to prevent short shots.


In the realm of plastic injection molding, timely recognition and intelligent resolution of common issues are keys to ensuring a stable production process and excellent product quality. Choosing an experienced and technologically advanced injection molding service provider will offer comprehensive production support, ensuring your projects achieve outstanding results.

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